the revenue your site earns from display advertising.

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Ad Assessment

How are your ads performing? Are you set up for success? What does success look like? Are you using the right sizes? What about Mobile? How do you maximize your RPM?

We’re here to help. Sign up for a Free Ad Assessment and we will give you the outline of your Display Revenue playbook!

Individual Impression Auction™

O PubMedia’s Individual Impression Auction™ (IIA) levels the playing field. Don’t settle for the RPM/eCPM that is set by one single giant in the Ad Tech space, use oPub’s IIA to bring in 100s of different advertisers to all bid on your inventory.

It’s all about the math!

Your Audience Shown to More Advertisers oPub Media reaches over 300 Ad Networks, bringing tens of thousands of Advertisers to bid on your inventory More Bids drives higher prices With 1,000s of Advertisers competing for your Audience, the level of Demand is maximized, increasing your yield!

What We Offer

oPub Media maximizes the display revenue generated from the display campaigns running on your website.

Custom Real Time Bidding Implementation
You make more money with more advertisers bidding on your inventory. We manage this from end to end for you!

Ad Operations Support

We bring full ad serving set up and support including a variety targeting, filtering, and optimization.

Direct Campaign Trafficking and Support

Included in the Ad Ops Support is trafficking and support of your directold campaigns. All included with  the ad serving.

Direct Sales and Agency Management

Don’t have a sales team? We offer management of direct sales and agency relationships to help your
team get up and running … on top
of the advertisers we bring!

Daily Reporting Dashboard

We aggregate data from all advertisers, winning bidders and direct campaigns to provide a single daily view of revenue generated on your site.

Easy Set Up

All of the heavy lifting is done by our experienced Operations team; including all ad tags, custom scripting, and compliance set up. Your dev team will be delighted with how simple the set up is to complete.

Unique High Quality AdSlots and Integrations

Unique High Quality Ad Slots and Integrations We work with you to create unique offerings for your customers that work well within your user experience. These ad slots generate higher CPMs without risking engagement.

Ad Quality Control

Our custom ad management solutions use industry leading practices to identify and isolate the bad actors in the space, reducing bad ad experiences and redirects.

Experienced PartnersWho Have Been There Too!

oPub Media is serviced by a team of industry veterans from both the Ad Ops and Publisher side. We recognize the need to first serve the user well.

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